Autumn Sunflower Pattern


Autumn Sunflower Pattern

PDF PATTERN ONLY. Nothing physical will be shipped to you.

This sunflower pattern is a fan favorite. It includes all of the info you need to create your own embroidery piece you can love and be proud of! It may be cliché, but sunflowers are my favorite flower and it makes sense to me why people love them so much.


Autumn Sunflower Pattern

PDF PATTERN ONLY. Nothing physical will be shipped to you.

Hello sunflower lovers! Good to know we already have something in common.

If you’ve been following me for any time at all you know that I love all things wildflowers-especially sunflowers! This is the autumn version of my original greenery sunflower pattern. It includes info on transferring your pattern to darker fabric, if you prefer!

Here is what is included in the pattern:

Included in the downloads:

  • – the 6-inch traceable template pattern
  • -detailed instructions for making your piece
  • -how to transfer your pattern to fabric
  • -color guide
  • -stitch guide
  • -supply list
  • -my favorite tips and tricks

What do you need besides the PDF? I list my favorite supplies in the pattern itself, but here are the basics:

  • -6 strand embroidery floss/thread (Feel free to experiment with color!  I include a color guide but ultimately this project is for you so have fun with it)
  • -an embroidery hoop. This pattern calls for a 6 inch hoop but you can zoom in or out for a different size.
  • -scissors. For fabric and smaller snips (if you prefer) for the thread.
  • -fabric. I like using 100% cotton. Just make sure you aren’t using material that is really stretchy or has a loose weave like burlap.

**Reminder that nothing will be shipped to you. All items are in digital format to be downloaded by you after purchase.

*This pattern and instructions are property of Maggie Schnucker, Maggie Jo’s Studio and are for or personal use only. Absolutely no selling this pattern, anything made from this pattern, or any features of this pattern. Patterns are property of Maggie Jo’s Studio//Maggie Schnucker

Please contact me with anything you need or any questions you have about this pattern and instructions!

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