Come for the embroidery, stay for the et cetera.

Welcome to my brain cloud. Thanks for reading, friend.

I’ve started this blog about 824 times. Mostly out of a desperation to be something that I am not. That has led me here, to my first entry, in which I have concluded that I will be myself.

6 months ago, I decided to give this thing a go and I wrote my heart out about my must have embroidery supplies, finding inspiration, and the musings of a good walk. I thumbed through books and other blogs on how to be the best craft blogger I could be and how to format things and how to eloquently relay the information I want to give you.

I handed my computer to my husband and asked him to proofread for me. He clicked away on my keyboard revising and fixing my ramblings. In the middle of his typing, he looked up at me (I was staring a hole through him, biting my nails as my worst fear of anyone reading my writing was coming true and it was self-induced) and said, “This is SO good. You’re just even better when you write freely.”

I shut my computer and went back to embroidering pieces for my book (coming this fall).

He saw right through me. I should stick to writing things as they flow, just me. Telling you about the things I love.

I do know you’re here for the embroidery. Over the last few years of making it, though, I’ve wanted to share so many other things. Yes, my favorite supplies and tools especially for beginners. But also lessons I learned when creating my full-time art business and my advice for how best to go about it yourself. I want to share my favorite resources in my business and ideas for getting creative when you can’t seem to clear your mind.

If you’re up to it, I’d also love to share my favorite stretchy pants, what books I’m reading (listening) to, and even a recipe here and there.

Some of you have messaged me about my curly hair routine and hey, this is my blog, so I’ll share that too.

Embroidery Studio

My makeshift studio last year pre-move

Crafting and art really are a lifestyle. The life of an artist goes beyond their favorite medium and if you’d like, I want to share my life with you. I’m no Van Gogh, but I do wonder how he took his coffee.

And because I’m a huge proponent of sharing and buying art from artists who are living, I’d love to feature some of my favorites on this blog as well. They can tell you their favorite mediums, how they take their coffee, and which is better: a sweatshirt or a hoodie and where to get the best one.

I’ll still be asking my husband to proofread my posts, so please blame him for my typos.

But this time around I’m going to be writing whatever I want. I know the blog experts say to pick a niche, so my niche will be embroidery, etc.


Come for the embroidery, stay for the et cetera.





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