32 Affirmations for Artists and Makers

I have come to the realization that affirmations are essential for artists. Within the last few years, I was introduced to the world of affirmations as a whole.

Of course, I’ve heard of affirmations long before. In college, I wrote nice things on post-it notes and put them on my mirror, but it was nothing like the affirmations I do these days.

The world of self-help can be controversial, and I know that. I think it’s possible for positivity to become toxic and forget its nature. I believe there are a multitude of laws in the universe we live in that contribute to the nearly 8 billion of us here.

Nevertheless, I know positive thoughts are deeply powerful.

My brother’s best childhood friend was killed on New Year’s Eve 2019. I think of David and his family every single day. Even more so because that night, right before my brother called me, I had just gotten my hands on the book, The Miracle Club, by Mitch Horowitz. My life changed its trajectory that night in a multitude of ways.

I became more aware of the people around me, and how much weight my own thoughts carried. I always loved listening to true crime podcasts and while I still do, I’m much more aware of how much I consume.

Luke, my 2nd brother of my 5 siblings, is a master of positive thinking. Even that night on the phone when I asked him if he was ok, he said, “I’m just so thankful I ever got to know and learn from David.” David was a thoughtful, hilarious, and funny guy and his legacy of friendship and goodwill live on.

Just two months later, Luke came to live with my husband and me for 8 months when the pandemic hit, and the three of us went on quite the journey.

We listened to audiobooks and podcasts about healing and the power of joy while we cooked and played board games. It was a deeply stressful and weird time for everyone, but I learned so much about myself and the ways I wanted to live, and how I wanted to think.

I recommend listening to The Miracle Club as often as you can. I listen to a couple of chapters when I get the chance. It’s a powerful book about mindfulness that helped me get clear about what I wanted for my art and my business. It also happens to be an excellent commentary about New Thought and the self-help movement that is realistic and grounded.

Meditation and vision boards are now an integral part of my process. While not perfect, I do my best to keep up with them.

I want to share some of my affirmations with you, in hopes that you may find some peace of mind when creating art.

What can you do with these affirmations?

I like to turn on some nature sounds or sit outside and re-write them all by hand while I reflect. This has led to some serious doodling which has bred some of my favorite embroidery pieces to date.

You can write them down on post-its and put them in places you’ll see often as a reminder.

Most of all, when you’re having thoughts like, “my art isn’t good enough” or those pesky intrusive thoughts telling you you’re not a real artist, you can try replacing them with these affirmations.

30 Affirmations for Artists and Creatives

  1. My art impacts and inspires others.
  2. I am worthy of being an artist.
  3. Every breath I take fills my soul with ease.
  4. I am overflowing with ideas.
  5. I have lots of interesting and clear things to say.
  6. I believe in myself and my abilities.
  7. I am proud of myself.
  8. I radiate confidence.
  9. By making art, I am respecting my creative nature.
  10. I attract inspiration.
  11. I can easily step into a creative space.
  12. The process of my craft fills me with joy.
  13. I am motivated by the mindset that practice makes me better.
  14. There is meaning to everything I make.
  15. Artistry already exists within me.
  16. I am innovative.
  17. I am productive.
  18. My mistakes invite opportunities for growth.
  19. My voice matters.
  20. New people excitedly discover my art every day and are happy to buy it.
  21. I deserve all that is good.
  22. I am thoughtful.
  23. I have everything that I need to be successful.
  24. My art is needed.
  25. My art is good.
  26. I deserve to make money as an artist.
  27. There is no need to compare. My style of artistry is personal to me.
  28. I am grounded.
  29. I am passionate about my art.
  30. I welcome learning new things about my craft.
  31. Creativity is my natural state.
  32. I am excited to create.

I hope these affirmations are helpful to you and maybe open some things up for you in a creative and artistic way.

If you’re interested in more books to help kickstart your mindful thinking journey, I have some great recommendations.

Of course, The Miracle Club by Mitch Horowitz

You are a Badass by Jen Sincero is another great one to help remind you of the power of mindfulness. I give this one a listen pretty often too.

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert is EXCELLENT for creatives. It frequently helps me get back on track with my art and reminds me how important making your ideas come to life really is.

Next on my list… One Day My Soul Just Opened Up by Iyanla Vanzant. I haven’t read this one yet but I’m looking forward to diving in.


Enjoy and happy affirming and creating!





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